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Sustainable, organic agricultural education fostering healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy planet

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Vida Auténtica is a direct response to the rapid decline in health and environmental stability in Costa Rica and around the world. Small farmers grow 80% of food consumed in the developing world. In here lives the potential to contribute significantly to poverty reduction and food security for nearly 7 billion people.


Despite this fact, industrial agriculture dominates the landscape, covering 80% of global arable land. These mechanized, energy-intensive agriculture systems threaten biodiversity, soil fertility, and the fragile ecosystems that sustain life on Earth.

People around the world are vulnerable to health hazards that can be directly linked to agricultural pesticides, including cancer, birth defects and compromised immune functioning. A return to Earth-honoring agricultural practices will preserve the health and well-being of ourselves and our planet.  

 Transform the lives of an entire community, changing the world, one farmer at a time.



For $25 per month, you can provide an individual with the opportunity to participate in the life-transforming Pueblo Roots Initiative, improving their health, increasing their economic sustainability, and strengthening their communities.


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