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Sustainable, organic agricultural education fostering healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy planet

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We are commited to helping Costa Rica become a model of sustainable agriculture that inspires a worldwide shift in food production.


We believe that communities and individuals will choose healthier ways of feeding and supporting their families if they are empowered by an understanding of the life changing benefits of growing and eating organic, GMO-free foods.

One of our core values is the empowerment and inclusion of women and youth who are typically less likely to have access to sustainable income generating opportunities. Studies have shown that by improving the income status of women, the overall health, education and well being of children, and consequently communities, is improved drastically. Similarly, youth in rural communities generally have limited access to quality education and employment opportunities, making it extremely difficult to develop healthy, sustainable livelihoods.


 Transform the lives of an entire community, changing the world, one farmer at a time.



For $25 per month, you can provide an individual with the opportunity to participate in the life-transforming Pueblo Roots Initiative, improving their health, increasing their economic sustainability, and strengthening their communities.


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