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Be a part of the shift towards healthy living

Help broaden the reach of this life changing work



We create and support relationships between organic growers and buyers. Do you have a restaurant, hotel or shop that wants local, organic produce? Maybe you run a farmers market and are looking for organic produce or local vendors.


If you want to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with graduates producing healthy, organic foods contact us for more information.


There are lots of ways you can help raise money for Vida Autentica from anywhere in the world. You can organize an event, ask for donations instead of a birthday or Christmas gift, or get sponsored for a challenge. The opportunities are endless! Here are a few ideas to help you raise awareness and funds for Vida Aunténtica:


  • Have a monthly organic dinner, rotating hosts, and ask guests to contribute what they would have spent on dinner out that night to Vida Autentica

  • Sponsor a greenhouse for a family by becoming a monthly contributor and ask your friends to do the same.  Help  ensure that healthy food and living becomes a reality for farmers committed to taking care of the planet!



Help spread the word about the amazing transformation happening in people's lives as they move towards life-affirming, earth-honoring farming practices.

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