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Stories from Our Students

Transforming communities, one family at a time

Fanny Porras, Platanillo

“I started this course without any knowledge of organic agriculture or of healthy living. In fact, I arrived at the course with interest in learning to prepare chemically fertilized land. I was surprised by all that we learned in the course, it was very complete.

Now I can work in my house and be able to give to my children, myself and even the people who surround me a better quality of life. Before I knew nothing about agriculture and was blinded in subjects of health and food. Thank you for opening my eyes. It is now that I can say I have an AUTHENTIC LIFE! ”


Marjorie & Bolivar, Las Tumbas

“We have been dedicated to traditional agriculture for 10 years and a year and a half ago we took Vida Autentica’s organic gardening class. We learned how to plant in harmony with nature, without damaging our bodies or the bodies of our children.


Then we learned about the organic market and we have been selling there since it opened. Thanks to the market, we have been able to use our extra income to work on our own projects to help our family and our community. Thank you Vida Autentica for helping us change our lives!”



Carmen & Rafa Solano, Las Tumbas

“For me, Vida Autentica is a part of our personal life because we have learned to eat healthier foods and have begun planting legumes for our family to eat and our neighbours to share. Through Vida Autentica, we have reached goals, finished projects and found greater economic stability.


We have become part of the Feria Organica in Tinamastes, which makes us very happy. Thanks to Melissa, Grettel, Eduardo and many others, for working hard for us so that we can enjoy the market today.”


Jairo, Tinamastes

“I have learned valuable information about what happens around the world because of how we grow food. Now I see things from a new perspective. I know what is healthy and what is not. Because of this, I have changed the way that I eat so that I can have a better life."



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