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What a powerful afternoon we spent together, as over 150 women of our area gathered to listen to the words of nutrition specialist, Dr. Francisco Herrera Chachagua and Dr. Jaime E. García González, UCR Professor and agro chemical specialist. As everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch of locally grown, organic ingredients, they heard a message designed to bring more healthy and nutritious meals to their own tables. The dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides were discussed, with information shared about alternative, natural ways to grow food and control weeds. Vida Autentica will be sponsoring more of these informational forums in the coming months as part of it's ongoing mission to share the news about both the traditional and the most modern ways to live healthy, happy lives.

#vidaautentica #agrochemicals #DrJaimeGarciaGonzalez #DrFranciscoHerreraChachagua

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