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2nd Annual Seed Festival was a Great Success

There was a fantastic turnout for the second Annual Seed Festival held on September 3 at the Tinamastes Salon. Many local farmers and gardeners came together to gather seeds, listen to presentations by national experts, share ideas with other local farmers and hear music provided by some of the area’s top musicians.

An exciting array of organic heirloom seeds was available. By merely signing a pledge to plant them properly and return the seeds to the seed bank next year, festival goers were allowed to freely have any seeds they wanted. Many local vendors were also on hand, selling plants and trees.

The timely issues of GMOs and herbicides were addressed by several of the speakers, and petitions were circulated to ban the use of herbicides in public roadways and to pass legislation for consumer safety which would require food industries to label genetically modified ingredients. The impressive list of speakers included Eduardo Agüero and Fabián Pacheco, both of the INA; Dr. Jamie Garcia of the UNED, Jennifer Smith of Carbon Community, Amy Schrift, a local activist, Bolivar Urena and Victor Vega, both representing their regional organic growers’ group.

A Kid Zone provided education for the younger upcoming farmers, teaching them how to make seed balls.

Vida Autentica continues to lead the people of the Southern Zone in finding better ways to feed themselves and their families, while showing good stewardship to their beloved land.

Click Here to read the Tico Times article.

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