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Vida Auténtica: Growing Change One Farmer at a Time

Meet your Farmer


Jairo Carrollo is a husband and father of two who graduated in February 2013 from the Tinamastes Pueblo Roots Organic Agriculture Course.


Vida Autentica: What was your understanding of health, diet and organic agriculture before taking the class and do you notice any changes now that you have completed the course?


Jairo: Before the course, my health was good because I am young.  After the course, my conscience feels better because my family now eats healthy, organic food.  I have substantially changed my diet and am now more aware of the importance of growing organic.  Before this course, I understood nothing about organic agriculture.


How has your learning affected you?


What I learned in the course changed my way of thinking.  The quality information I received helped me change the way I see the world; I am no longer ignorant and now view life from a different perspective.


What are you producing as a result of your learning?


I grow beans, kale, lettuce, mustard, radishes, cucumbers, chives, cilantro, tomatoes, chilies, arugula, spinach, and celery.  I also make and sell organic compost, Bokashi, and activated mountain microorganisms for your garden.


Why do you think compost and soil are so important?


It is important to improve the health of the soil by making it more fertile, active and healthy.  You can do this with good microorganisms that you can reproduce in  Bokashi or bio ferments like MM (microorganismos de montana). Adding these to your soil and gardens will improve production and make you a successful gardener.


Jairo makes and sells organic compost, Bokashi and activated Mountain Microorganisms for your garden. Look for him at the Feria Organica in Tinamastes every Tuesday from 8-12.


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