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Pueblo Roots Initiative

Join the Pueblo Roots Initiative and have access to a year of hands on training, support and mentorship. You will learn about the health benefits of organic growing, practical methods of earth honoring agriculture as well as small business development.

Classes and workshops are in Spanish and held in community spaces, so you’ll have the added benefit of cultural exchange as you become a part of our Pueblo Roots community.
To learn about the upcoming courses, contact Alex Morrison at
Expanding our Education


To deepen each individuals knowledge of various elements of sustainable, organic farming, we offer workshops throughout the year, in both English and Spanish in Costa Rica and the USA. Some of the topics we cover include:


  • Seeds: Seed Saving, Community Seed Banks

  • Medicinal Plants: Identification, Cultivation, Preparation

  • Disease and Pest Management

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Enlivening your Soil


The Pueblo Roots Initiative has been such a success that Vida Auténtica now offers organic agriculture courses in English to encourage the participation of the growing community of expatriates in Costa Rica. The course not only affects healthy changes in the lives of the English speaking students, but has been a catalyst for the development of multicultural communities with a common goal - to grow and share nourishing food.

Join us for a course in Costa Rica and become part of the growing network of conscious growers across the globe, or subscribe to our newsletter and learn about upcoming organic agriculture courses offered in the United States.

English Agriculture Classes

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