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Sustainable, organic agricultural education fostering healthy families, healthy communities, and a healthy planet

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We offer a year-long series of intensive organic agriculture courses, ongoing mentorship and regular workshops to ensure that students are equipped to change their farming habits in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable. We teach students to grow and sustain their farms and gardens organically, to produce nutrient rich soil, to create opportunities to market their harvests and to develop value added products to make the most of their new-found economic opportunities.

By focusing on education, Vida Autentica aims to foster a deep understanding of the grave impacts of agrochemicals on ourselves and the planet and the far reaching benefits of organic agriculture. This understanding will inspire radical changes in lifestyle choices, impacting farming practices, and exponentially improving community health and environmental sustainability.


 Transform the lives of an entire community, changing the world, one farmer at a time.



For $25 per month, you can provide an individual with the opportunity to participate in the life-transforming Pueblo Roots Initiative, improving their health, increasing their economic sustainability, and strengthening their communities.


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