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Invest in the Future

Give Monthly to an organization who is making a difference!

Vida Autentica is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing a return to life-sustaining, earth-honoring self-empowerment through organic agricultural education for Costa Ricans and foreigners, which sprouts in Costa Rica and grows organically throughout the world.


Monthly donations help us continue our core programs including our Pueblo Roots initiative, advocating agricultural policy changes, Tinamastes farmers market, and creating economic opportunities for Organic Farmers.

Align your resources with a healthy, sustainable world

Build the Learning Center

In order to increase the reach of our work, Vida Autentica is developing a Model Farm and Learning Center so that we can offer students, teachers and visionaries from around the world a space to connect and learn in our beautiful Diamante Valley.


Help us realize a vision of a center for ongoing learning, discovery, sharing and community. Brick by brick and field by field we are providing a place for locals and foreigners alike to share and grow.

Join us in launching our Learning Center!

Fund a Greenhouse

Each student that successfully completes our Pueblo Roots Initiative program will be provided with the materials and labor to install one greenhouse near their home.


For $300 or $25 per month you can help build a greenhouse and provide the needed startup tools and materials for a student, giving them the chance to grow healthy organic food and medicinal plants year round.

Provide the key tool for lasting change today!

Sponsor a Student

Our classes have been truly transformative for our students and communities. Ensure anyone interested in learning to grow organically and reclaim control of their health has the opportunity to participate.


By sponsoring a student for $25 a month, you are giving them the chance to be part of our year long Pueblo Roots Initiative program where they will gain the skills they need to grow healthy, organic foods and to develop income opportunities that will support their family and community.

Support a student’s growth today!


Invest in a Community

Our programs support the transformation of relationships, community dynamics, economies and collective health. By sponsoring a pueblo, you can directly support the empowerment of an entire community by providing them with the opportunity to gain skills that will allow them to feed their families healthy foods and develop fruitful, earth honoring economic opportunities that can change their lives.


It takes just $15,000 to sponsor an entire pueblo, providing a group of 30 students with classes, workshops and mentorship for one year, impacting hundreds of family and community members.

Invest in communities today with a contribution of any size!



Train a Teacher

Empowering youth to become confident leaders is an essential step in the creation of vibrant, healthy communities. By sponsoring the training of a new teacher, you are supporting the development of a generation of skilled young leaders that can positively transform their communities.


Train underemployed youth to be organic farming teachers and community leaders, while simultaneously helping them to develop conscious communication skills and conflict resolution techniques. For $50 per month you can help someone improve their life by giving them the opportunity to participate in the teacher training program.


Support youth leading into tomorrow, today!



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