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Vida’s Commitment: 

Vida Autentica is a US 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to creating a model of sustainable agriculture that will ignite change all over the world.


Our mission is to teach organic food production, economic development, and health education to communities in Costa Rica and the United States.


Our programs prove that a return to traditional, earth honoring food production is the key to reclaiming the health of our bodies, our minds, our communities and our planet.


The Vida Model

Vida Autentica uses a grassroots development model to support the creation of self sufficient communities and local economies in Costa Rica and the United States. We work closely with small farmers and women to better understand local interests and challenges so that we can offer training to meet their needs.


We use simple, affordable and locally appropriate technologies so that people can feel confident in their ability to affect positive and lasting change in their lives. Our goal is to foster the growth of networks of empowered communities.

Vida Autentica aims to create an environment where the seeds of local knowledge and goals can grow. We believe that by offering skills training to improve health, nurture the environment and develop local economies, we will stimulate holistic thinking in communities that will lead to strong, confident networks of organic growers.

The Vida Team

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